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January 16, 2013
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During the Winter, the coldest season a truce was made between the companies. The truce was made due to the cold weather and that everyone need to be kept warm.
Even due to the truce it didnt mean that everyone was safe still. The mobs still roamed and were a threat to all the people who lived in Minecraftia. Rythian was less violent during the Winter storms, which everyone was thankful for.
Although most people enjoyed the winter weather, all but one could remain pleased. That person was Martyn Littlewood.
He loved the Winter weather of course, he loved making snowballs, exchanging gifts with his beloved friends, making snowangels, making snowmen and having fun with everyone. Only one thing hurt him, his curse. The curse of being the Sapling King.
Controlling plants, trees and anything that could be considered plantlife, many would believe that to be a blessing. It was at times, it saved him from many things in the past but when he became IntheLittleFrost it changed. He was cold, colder than anything really and if someone touched him their hand would get burnt. Their hand would get burnt really bad, he was too cold to touch. It may not have made sense but he believed throughout the year he would gather heat which stored in his body. People would only feel the heat if they touched him, it was either heat or when Martyn passed by someone the air would grow cold.
During these times he would flee, flee to the north were their was a large mountain. On top of the mountain was a house, a house made entirely from wood and other resources he had found. He curled up on the bed, bring the blanket over him. It wasnt needed for him to have a blanket, but it was a nice comfort to have.
In the harsh blizzard's of Winter often people would turn up on the mountain, Martyn would welcome those who would have the unfortunate luck of ending up in the blizzard. He would wear a cloak so that they never saw who he was he didnt want anyone knowing he was there.
He shut his eyes as he heard on of the infamous blizzard's outside his house and hugged himself. He had no comfort or any friends in the mountain, Toby was probably having a grand time with everyone laughing at jokes and such. Enjoying eachother's friendship...
Martyn shivered then his head shot up, he could have swore he heard something outside. His suspicious were awnsered when he heard a frightened yelp followed by a scream of terror. He grabbed his cloak, put it on, pulled the hood over his head and grabbed his sword. He could tell that whoever it was, they were indanger from their screams. He gasped in shock as he heard the voices.
"Come on! Hurry up Toby! Theres a house nearby that if we are kind enough maybe the person might give us shelter and help?" Someone suggested.
"I cant just leave everyone!" Toby shouted in fear and anger.
"Rythian and Honeydew can handle the zombies!" The other voice protested then a knock was heard on the door.
Martyn stared at the door in shock, 'why are they all here!?' he wondered then shook his head. He opened the door revealing the mysterious voice to be, Zoey.
"Im sorry mister!" She apoligised."But would you mind giving us some help and maybe shelter?"
Martyn honestly wasnt sure how to respond but a simple nod then walked out shutting the door behind them. He looked at them then at the surrounding area, he noticed that Toby even Zoey appeared to have trouble standing due to the blizzard. He turned his gaze away looking at the Zombies approaching the mage and dwarf.
He lifted the emerald sword and charged at the zombies slashing anything that was undead. It took them a few minutes but the creatures were killed. Everyone was panting from exhaustion whenever it was over, Honeydew collapsed on the snow.
"Well that was certainly eventful!" He gasped getting to his feet and brushing the snow off himself.
"How is everyone doing?" Rythian asked looking at the team, concern in his midnight blue eyes. He lifted his arm, shielding his eyes from the snow.
"Im fine Rythian!" Zoey called, helping Toby to his feet as he had been knocked over, thanks to the winds.
"Im fine" Toby replied then looked at Zoey."Thank you" He nodded.
Honeydew gave the thumbs up while Martyn just nodded, being extremely careful incase his hood fell off.
"Well would you mind stranger? Allowing us to stay until the blizzard stops?" Rythian asked looking at the hooded figure.
Martyn shook his head then led everyone into his temporary home, out of the cold. His home was nicely decorated, it had a fireplace, enough beds for them all to sleep in, a crafting table, three furnaces, a sofa and a few chairs.
"Well this is a nice place you have here" Honeydew spoke, attempting to make casual conversation. He sat down on one of the chairs, Toby on another, Rythian along with Zoey sat on the sofa and Martyn took the chair that was farthest away from them. He nodded then looked at them, curiousity in his gaze.
"I guess your wondering why were up here arent you?" Toby laughed nervously, seeing the curiousity in his eyes, Martyn nodded then he explained.
"We are looking for my friend Martyn, he tends to go missing around Winter then when its Christmas time he is back. Straight after New Years he is gone" Toby explained."We never had time to ask him why and whenever I ask when its just two of us, he doesnt explain"
Martyn felt his blood go cold, he looked down not daring to say anything. He was glad for the robe, it covered his whole body and the hood stopped anyone from seeing his face. They could see his eyes but that was all.
"Do you know were he is?" Zoey questioned."You fought with that sword like him.."
"Well..I um..." Martyn stuttered then froze. He had spoken, they would recgonise his voice, he would be found out.
"Ah ha!" Zoey shouted jumping to her feet and pointing at Martyn."Your Martyn! Take the hood down"
He bit his tounge, about to lie but then realised there was no point really. He grabbed his hood then pulled it back revealing his head.
"What are you doing here Martyn?" Rythian asked as Zoey went back to were she was sitting."And why are you blue?"
"I guess I cant lie can I?" He chucked putting a hand to his head."Alright, alright I'll explain..."
He then went into detail of everything from gaining the power of plants, to the curses it brought and to why he hid away. Everyone listened, soaking up the information of what Martyn told them.
"Why did you not tell us sooner?" Toby asked, concern showing in his eyes."We could have helped you through this"
"I was scared..I was scared that you would call me a freak.." Martyn explained, tears coming to his eyes."I was scared incase Duncan started to do experiments on me...I didnt want to be hurt I didnt want to harm anyone so I fled, only coming back during Christmas and New Years..."
"Duncan wouldnt do any experiments on you" Honeydew sighed shaking his head."He would be curious yes, but im sure he would only ask questions"
Rythian seemed to be in understanding, nodding. He hated science and could see why Martyn was upset, his curse confused the mage. If it confused Rythian then more than likely it would confuse Duncan, so he would bother Martyn with it.
"But what if he didnt!" Martyn wailed throwing his head back and holding onto his head.
"I promise we will keep you safe okay?" Toby replied, smiling in an attempt to comfort his best friend.
"But..but..." Martyn whimpered then Toby stood up.
"Martyn! I will restrain Duncan from coming anywhere near you!" He shouted."Calm yourself! The more you get angry the more this room gets colder!"
Martyn gasped looking at Honeydew who was hugging onto himself, shivering.
"Oh..I see.." Martyn replied looking at the ground.
"Everything will be f..fine Martyn, Duncan will not harm you." Honeydew replied."Your welcome to come to Honeydew.Inc and get this all sorted out okay? You can stay through Christmas and all, everyone is."
"Okay." Martyn nodded."You all should get some rest now, tomorrow we can go."
Everyone nodded happily, yawning and stretching. Each climbed into one of the many beds and fell asleep. Martyn smiled as he got into his own bed, he felt happier much happier than ever. It was like a bruden was taken from his shoulders. He looked at Toby, his sleeping friend. Yes, Martyn will never be cold and alone again now that his friend knew his secret. Indeed everything would be fine.
Martyn yawned pulling his blanket over himself and slowly drifting to sleep, dreams of adventure awaiting him. One thing remained in his mind throughout his sleep.
Everything was going to be fine.
This is a bit of a headcanon that I got from reading one of :iconzerere-the-mummy: many awesome stories

Thought about Martyn hiding away from everyone during winter haha not the best thing I ever wrote I think I did a good job on it tell me what I can improve on the comments below

Okaiii thats all from me maybe a few more short stories like these from me I dunno
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